Saturday 12 August 2023

Gasp! I bought a MAC. Should I feel dirty?

 Well for the first time in my life I've actually gone out and purchased a laptop for myself. 

I've had work related hardware for most of my working career so I've never really had a huge reason to have a laptop that I personally own. However in the last little while it's started to become less convenient to not have access to some of my personal information while away from my desk. 

I know, I could toss it on the work machine but I really don't like mixing work and personal stuff together.


After a lot of thinking things through I wound up picking up a M2 MacBook Air for a personal device. 

The primary driver for this was the integration of Apple's different products, the way that devices can hand off tasks between the Phone, Laptop, and even Watch is so very slick.  One good example of this is that if I need directions I can start looking them up on the laptop in Apple Maps, and then when I jump in the car those locations are going to be ready and waiting for me in the car.

I'm sure that this can be done on the Windows side of things but it takes a lot more legwork to get there and I'm finding that my patience for fiddling around with things isn't where I'm wanting to invest my time. Apple's stuff so far is just working right out of the box.

From a hardware standpoint the build quality of the Apple's devices is generally good - I've had a number of Macbooks over the years through work and while they aren't perfect they are as well built as any of the comparable offerings from other Vendors. I'm also really looking forward to playing around with the M2 chip in this thing. We have a number of M1 and M2 devices in the office and they are consistently punching harder than they should based on the configuration of the device. 

Either way, time to play with this thing.

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