Friday 26 June 2015

Grrr.... Dead computers all around me.

So, mother in law's computer died, now my wife's machine has bit the big one.

When she called saying that the computer was dead I was in the middle of the work day and was trying to figure out what was going on, but given that it was showing no signs of life I had to wait until getting home to find out. Sure enough, dead computer, no lights, no sound, just a brick. I pop the cover and get treated to this.

Yep, it's dead Jim.

That's a set of blown capacitors - without those the board is basically scrap at this point. And now my test / backup computer gets reformatted and put on the wife's desk while I figure out what needs to be done to fix this.

This highlights one of my big gripes with computers these days - that board is going to be difficult to repair, so it's probably going to wind up in the trash. Don't get me wrong I'll try to give it a shot at replacing the bad caps on the board, but it's not something that I've bothered to do in the past. And while I can get used parts to replace the board those used parts aren't as cheap as I would like - I was getting quoted 50$ or more just for a board - where I can get a replacement computer, with a warranty, for 200$ if I'm not picky on what the computer actually is.

For the 5$ worth of parts I'll be giving the repair a try, if I can get it going again then great, save some cash. If I don't it might make a nice wall hanging or something I guess, other than that it's off to someplace where it will be burnt in a fire by child labor to reclaim the shiny bits from it I guess.

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