Wednesday 24 June 2015

Seriously Samsung, what the actual fuck?

So usually I don't get too riled up about things that hardware vendors do but this one is really getting under my skin, long and short of it is that Samsung has decided in their infinite wisdom to start turning off Windows Updates on their laptops.

The rationale behind this? Apparently they are worried that the wrong driver updates will get installed on the laptop and wind up disabling devices. Sorry, but does Samsung not get the Windows drivers for their devices into Windows Update? I mean isn't that the whole god dammed point of getting driver updates through Windows Update?

Most home users probably wouldn't notice that things where not coming through and updating device drivers leaving them with potential issues - or security vulnerabilities kicking around. And quite honestly I trust Microsoft to tell me what's required from a update standpoint more than I would trust Samsung (granted that's not saying much since I don't trust Microsoft that much to begin with).

There are details on what's going on posted here:

I'm not going to re-print the whole works but if you have a Samsung laptop you might want to give that a read and see what's going on. 

This and the problems with users finding SuperFish Malware installed on Lenovo laptops coming out of the box only serves to reinforce my thought that if you didn't install the OS yourself that you should not be trusting the PC. The first thing I do with any piece of hardware that's "mine" is to pave it and reinstall from a clean install DVD/USB device. Once that's done I'm a little more trusting of the machine, at least as much as I'm willing to trust a operating system that I didn't build from the ground up.

Update - apparently Samsung will push out a update that will fix this behavior - sorry, too little too late in my books.

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